The Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of the Temple of Solomon has also been known to be called the Ordre du Templi or the French descent lineage of Gnostic Knights Templar. We are the Baphomet Preceptory and Magdalene Commandery.


We are not a mainstream christian Templar organization but rather a very enlightened Order of Gnostic Knights Templar that is not afraid to say that the Ancient Knights Templar were nothing less than Gnostic Knights that believed that before any form of catholicism, and christian patriarchal religion arose, there was a pure but underground stream of succession of the Gnosis. The Ancient Knights of the Temple studied many esoteric branches of spirituality and discovered that true divinity resides within all human beings.

The true God the Father was known in reality to the Ancient Knights Templar as Goddess the Mother and it was this Ancient Goddess whom divided herself to create the true balance of opposites or the true union of the feminine and masculine aspects which exists within us all. This has long been acknowledged by the Ancient Knights of the Temple as the explanation or meaning behind the dark occult manifestation known as Baphomet.

Today the Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of the Temple of Solomon and the Order of the Temple of Baphomet has survived to carry on the true and untainted Gnostic Traditions of our ancient Order. We believe fully in the true power of the Divine Feminine which has been the underlying force behind the Knights Templar and the very fabric upon which was spun all true but hidden Occult and Esoteric Spiritual belief systems. Our Charitable works are many as we protect and uphold the true principles of Chivalry in defense of the innocent and the very divine right of womanhood. We are the Spiritual Warriors of the Divine Sophia and our Ancient Mysteries have many roots in the Occult traditions of the East and West. Today we exist within both the Eastern and Western Mystery School traditions and in reality we do not accept other non-Gnostic Templar Orders as being legitimate no matter what they want to try to say to the contrary. We hold that true Templar lineage can be directly traced back to France and after which migrated across Europe.

We also hold that all of the writings of Andrew Sinclair are the presented truth about the Knights Templar and our very historical background in relationship to the exploration and founding of America. Today, we acknowledge the Gnostic lineage of the Knights Templar and we believe that the Gnostic Templar Orders are the only Knights Templar Traditions that are valid to all true Occultists and Seekers of the Gnosis. There have been throughout history Masters of this Gnosis and Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were two of the more notable of them.

Today, the Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of the Temple are a august Order that admits both genders as a KNIGHTS TEMPLAR or CHEVALIER  knowing fully that it is the Divine Spark within the Soul that really matters. We are the Esoteric Custodians of the Hidden Tradition of the Ancient Knights and the Spiritual Successors to the Templar Traditions. Our goals today are the same as the original order of Gnostic Knights Templar in that we seek to unify the Esoteric and Occult Orders into a One World Spirituality mindframe or consciousness. For far too long has the underlying symmetry between all of the spiritual schools of thought been suppressed by mainstream christianity, it is time for us to reclaim our rightful Templar inheritance as the expounders of the Gnosis and as those that present the truth in due and esoteric form. If what we present here is of interest to you and is also how you yourself have felt that true Templarism is really all about, then you are free to apply for membership in the Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of the Temple of Solomon and the true Order of Baphometic Brotherhood. Within this Order you will learn the Gnostic Mysteries of the Ancient Order of Knights Templar.